Dr. Simányi Zsolt

leading member of the association, attorney-at-law

Zsolt obtained his law degree in 2004 at Pázmány Péter Catholic University with summa cum laude qualification. Subsequently he obtained a degree at the Institute of American Language and Culture of Fordham University, the Jesuit University of New York.

In 2009 he founded Simányi and Partner Law Firm and ever since he has been a member of the Budapest Bar Association. Before starting his individual legal career, he gained professional experience in classical civil law praxis and in legal transactions of foreign owned business entities. In addition, he rendered legal services to the management of a central government authority and held memberships in supervisory boards of public foundations.

He provides legal support mainly to foreign-owned companies and/or internationally operating business entities. Furthermore, he represents clients in pursuing claims based on complex legal relationships in and out of court. Corporate law, economic law, trade law, law of torts and real estate law belong to his area of expertise. He also undertakes assignments from private persons for civil law cases.

He drafts documents and is fluent in both English and Hungarian.

Dr. Névery Péter

attorney-at-law, member of the association

Principally experienced in court and extra court procedures, in effective debt management, in overall transactions of real properties and goods, as well as in compensation claims and in the field of labor law. During his professional activities he drafted business contracts for domestic and foreign small and medium enterprises, besides, he represented and represents multinational large companies as an in-house lawyer.

Graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Eötvös Loránd University in 2007, and obtained his legal experiences in law firms with domestic and foreign clients during the past 10 years. He is a member of the Budapest Bar Association from 2012, and the co-founder of Simányi and Névery Attorney’s Association.

Combining his legal experiences, language skills and personality he provides individual, precise and effective legal solutions for his clients.

His working languages besides the Hungarian are Slovak and English.

Dr. Ruszthi Hunor

co-operating partner, attorney-at-law

Hunor obtained his law degree in 2004 at Pázmány Péter Catholic University, afterwards he successfully attended absolutory of LLM of the same university. During several years he taught at Pázmány Péter Catholic University (as discipline leader) and at different Colleges in Budapest. 

He is the member of Budapest Bar Association since 2008. His professional scope is real estate law, corporate law, commercial law and intellectual property law. 

He represents companies operating in different business sectors, besides he regularly provides legal support in real estate developement projects. He is providing overal legal services both in Hungarian and English languages.

Dr. Péntek Bálint


Graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Pázmány Peter Catholic University in 2013, in 2019 he successfully passed the bar exams. Balint has worked at Simányi and Partner Law Firm and with Zsolt Simányi Dr. and Peter Névery Dr. since February of 2015.

His work primarily focuses on corporate law and real estate transactions.

He is a member of the Budapest Bar Association and the member of Simányi and Névery Attorney’s Association from 2020.

Hegedűs Péter


He is currently studying at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Pázmány Péter Catholic University, where he is currently preparing for his final exams as a law student and plans to become a candidate lawyer in the future.

He has more than 2 years of professional experience assisting lawyers in preparing pleadings, researching legislation and drafting documents in both Hungarian and English.


Our landline telephone number is + 36-1-209-05-83, which also operates as facsimile.

You may send us e-mail to the info@snlegal.hu address, and we will answer as soon as possible.

Our office is located at H-1016 Budapest, Szirtes road 11.

Should you come by car, we suggest choosing the following routes:

  • from the BAH intersection: Hegyalja road (make a right turn at the traffic light at the Mambo Café) – Sánc road – Szirtes road
  • from the Erzsébet Bridge: Hegyalja road (make a left turn at the traffic light at the Mambo Café) – Sánc road – Szirtes road
  • from the Móricz Zsigmond circus: Villányi road – Szüret street – Somlói road – Mihály street – Szirtes road The street where our office is located is in a paid parking zone, you will find the parking meter in front of the Szirtes road 13. If you pay with mobile parking services, please use zone code: 3017.

Should you come by public transportation, we suggest using the following lines:

  • from the BAH intersection: bus lines no. 110, 112, 108E and 8E to the Sánc street stop, and approximately 200 meters from there towards the Citadella along the Szirtes road
  • from the Erzsébet bridge: bus lines no. 110, 112, 108E and 8E to the Sánc street stop, and approximately 200 meters from there towards the Citadella along the Szirtes road
  • from the Móricz Zsigmond circus: bus line no. 27 to the Szirtes road stop, and approximately 50 meters from there towards the Citadella along the Szirtes road

We established the Simányi and Névery Law Association in 2014 to combine our professional experience and knowledge in order to provide effective and complex professional legal services and take care of our client’s cases.
Our active cooperation helps us to provide services to our clients on the highest level. We love the challenges, the complicated tasks, any we fulfill our assignments with thorough enduring work.

 Dr. Simányi Zsolt             Dr. Névery Péter


Law of incorporations, representation in procedures of incorporations

Full scale legal representation in founding, amendment, transformation, termination of incorporations. Drafting documents and agreements related to legal operation of incorporations. Preparing overall documentation of complex merge and acquisition projects of shares of incorporations, managing due diligence projects.

Commerce law

Drafting, maintenance and consultancy of agreements and contracts (regulations, by-laws, framework agreements, general terms and conditions) of companies.

Real estate law

Full scale legal management of real property transactions (sale and purchase, exchange, donation, mortgage, founding of condominium building), consultancy.

Civil law

Drafting documents and agreements in the field of classic civil law (contract law, ownership, etc.), legal representation.

Compensation claims

Representation in claims for damages resulting from contractual and non-contractual legal relationships, especially legal management of claims resulting from accidents, insurance policies, liability of managing directors of legal entities.

Representation in court

Full scale representation in court and out-of-court procedures in the field of civil law (especially: commercial law, compensation law, law of incorporations), labor law from the notice letter through the regular and irregular legal remedies until the end of the execution procedures.

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